Monday, January 25, 2010

Wow what a great weekend for my team. We had our first 18 mile practice for the upcoming LA Marathon. To get them prepared for the time requirement that Students Run LA has for them (they have to be able to run an 18.6 mile qualifying race in under 4:50 on February 21st), I told them they had 4:15 to run our 18 mile course. I know this sounds like a really tough time especially if SRLA gives them 35 more minutes to run the extra .6 miles, but after years of working with kids, I know that some will do only what they have too and would run closer to 4:50 if given that time. Since we told them they needed to run faster, guess what, they did! Ninety-nine percent of the team went under 4 hours, with most finishing around 3:30. We did have 50 kids run under 3 hours, 35 of which actually went under 2:45. Our fastest runner ran all 18 in 2:12 -pretty good for a 10th grader.

Our shoe collection for the victims oh Haiti is going great. In the few days we have been collecting we have collected 50 pairs of shoes so far. This is such good news. I hope this collecting pace keeps up for the next few weeks.

As for my personal training, my hip/groin, back seems to be getting better. Even though I have had 3 different diagnoses by 3 different doctors, I believe the main cause to be piriformis or sciatic, and not the muscle tears or strains the doctors said they were. I was able to actually do the stair climber at the gym for 45 minutes on Friday and an hour on Sunday without any pain. I see a chiropractor that Chris Schauble refered me to tomorrow and I finally get to see my primary care physician on Friday. Hopefully, if it is the sciatica or piriformis, I can get an epidural steroid or cortisone shot to numb the pain so I can return to training. Fingers crossed!

Have fun training on this great Monday

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  1. Great job kids (and coach)!

    And I hope whatever you're going thru gets
    Dx'd quick.