Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My mind is losing it! As my days of inactivity (not really inactivity as I workout with weights 5 days a week fairly hard and swim about 240-300 laps a week) are mounting due to my rest and recovery, my former fat mind is starting to get the better of me. See, I follow a fairly strict diet (for my friends that know me well, fairly could be changed for extremely, but I don't think that I am that extreme) which does include a decent amount of calories to sustain my somewhat muscular body and allow me the proper nutrients to run, swim, and workout well and still recover. However, now that I can't run, I have cut down on my caloric intake quite a bit. Yet, I still feel as if I am getting fat, extremely fat. I absolutely hate, hate, hate this feeling. I know it is irrational but my former fat person portion of my brain is a very powerful weapon. And I know that all I need is a couple of good runs to "clear my head" but that isn't in the cards anytime soon. Anyone who has struggled with any sort of weight loss probably knows what I am feeling.

To keep me in a good mood, I can always think about my running team. Kids are great. As most of the Southern Californian endurance community is planning indoor workouts or altering their distances due to the great weather we are having, my kids are super eager to run in this weather. We have scheduled a 3 mile time trial. Every 2 weeks we run this to see if they improved and we treat it like a 5K race. Today I can expect 2 things, the first is that the kids that want to run hard will really push the pace to try and get out of this weather quickly (they love running in the rain but not for long periods of time) and the second is that the kids that don't really care about their times will spend a good 45 minutes splashing in puddles. Either way, we are getting in 3 miles today which is better than not running. This puts a smile on my face!

Have fun training and staying dry.

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