Thursday, January 28, 2010

I guess I am an idiot some times. Last night the doctor's office left an automated message saying that I had an appointment at 7:15 am but the day and date inaudible. I was positive it was on Friday the 29th but my wife thought she heard the message say the 28th. So I went to the doctor's office at 7 this morning to ask since the message was "after hours" and I couldn't find out. And of course, the appoitment was for Friday. So I wasted some time this morning. However, it didn't stop me from getting a swim workout. I got in 100 laps so I at least feel good about that.

Today I have my second chiropractic appointment. I hope I come away feeling as good as I did on Tuesday. In fact I feel so good I have false hopes of trying to run Saturday.

After Tweeting a question about a good sports podiatrist for new orthotics, I got a few suggestions. I called a few, but was really impressed by Dr. Smith's office. They want to see all old and new running shoes and any or all old and new orthotic/inserts to help them evalute what is wrong. This seems like they really want to take their time and get a proper diagnosis. Amanda, the lady in the office, also said that their goal is to never see a new client again. They want to get us heathy and running as soon as possible. And to be honest, the cost seem extremely reasonable for an out-of-pocket doctor's visit. So I have an appointment with them Monday. I will keep you updated on my trip there on Tuesday.

Yesterday, my team had a 4 mile time trial. The first boy and girl came in together in 29:00. Then a steady stream of runners continued for the next 10 minutes. We had afew straggle in after 40 minutes but those were few and far between. I was really proud of how well they ran yesterday, especially since they were all saying how easy the distnace felt. I guess the longer runs are building the confidence and endurance like we hoped they would. Saturday's 8 miles of hills should be fairly easy. Next Saturday's 22 miler is another story all together. Hope that goes well.

Have fun training

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