Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Blog

After 11 weeks of not running, I finally got two runs in this week. I did a 5 miler on the trails of Griffith Park (uphills were easier on the back than the downhills) and then I did a 5 miler with Chris (@ChrisSchauble) Peter (@lamarathon) Liana (@FITtorrent) and Bob (@RCMCoach) . Today I feel great although my legs feel a little "dead" from the "new" activity I am introducing them to. When I run I am still super cautious (almost too much) and am constantly thinking "is this a dream?" Today is a swim only day and tomorrow I might do stairs or make it another swim day or aqua jog. I am going to slowly get back into this running thing, the last thing I need to do is get injured again rushing back to soon. the younger me would rush back, the older wise adult (?) is going to ease back into it.

I plan outlining my recovery plan later this week. I just wanted to tell everyone that I might be back and racing soon. I am actually signed up for a 5K Sunday at the annual Keep LA Running. I don't plan on racing it just having fun. It did feel good to get this tweet from @massayaka
"@cmoss23 tnx, dont mind finding it out 1st hand. r u gona Keep LA Running this wknd? u used 2 kill my AG. bet u still do... ". It is nice knowing that I "killed" my age group when I used to be able to race. That will motivate me to return to my racing pace.