Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today is an exciting yet potentially scary day for me. After school I am going to Orthopedics & Sports Surgeons at Verdugo Hills Hospital for an exam and x-rays. As an athlete you are always faced with this weird though "I hope it is nothing so I can start training again- yet it still deep down you want the doctor to actually find the problem regardless of how bad it could be so they can actually fix the problem". I feel that way right now. I don't care if they tell me it is a groin muscle tear or a hip fracture (I think it might be a femoral stress fracture) as long as they find something and we can start the recovery process. I will be devastated and pissed if the doctor says "well it might be this or it could be that- rest a few more weeks and then return and we will re-evaluate you then." This is odd,but keep your fingers crossed they find something wrong with me (other than my head being a little off).

The team today will continue to train, even though it is raining and their head coach will be at the doctor's office. They are scheduled for a "hill party" run. That is a 5 mile run that incorporates 4 different hills of various length and inclines. The shortest hill is 600 meters and the longest hill is 3/4 of a mile. All the hills have at least a 4% grade. This should get them ready for our 15-miler this weekend, which will include these same hills, twice. With this type of distance and hills, the relatively flat LA Marathon course should feel easy for them.

As for me, only weights today. Hopefully, I can get a swim in tomorrow but one day of cardio rest won't hurt.

Enjoy your training, when you can't you really miss it.

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