Friday, January 8, 2010

One Rib

Today's training is still light. I am swimming 100 laps and then working on my core. I need to rest my legs for Saturday's first race of the year...half marathon in Irvine. It is kind of a boring course but it is pancake flat and I have my PR there so I do love this race. I plan on pacing some of the kids on my running team to finish between 1:30-1:35. Anyone who feels great at mile 10 can surge ahead. Should be interesting to say the least.

Once again, not much to talk blog about so let's journey back a few years. One rib- what does that make you think about? To some it is just the beginning of a dinner, for others they may be thinking "pork" or 'Beef", but for a person losing weight it could mean everything.

I remember the day I woke up after months and months and months of dieting and exercising, jumped out of the shower, accidentally looked in the mirror (when I was losing weight I avoided the mirror as much as possible- I didn't want to face the fact that I was still overweight and disgusting to look at, with or without clothes) and I saw a protrusion. What is that? Am I sick? Did I sleep wrong which caused my side to swell? When I touched it, it was hard. It felt like, well bone. Could it be? No way? Ribs are seen on thin people!!!! But sure enough, there it was, in my own body, showing through my own skin, a RIB. I had achieved a major milestone- my body fat was allowing a rib to poke through. All that hard work was paying off.

That was huge. It helped me refocus and be encouraged to keep struggling with the day to day grind and pain of dieting and working out.

Funny how a little, nothing body part could make a person so happy. Enjoy the little things in life. They sometimes turn out to be the biggest things.

Enjoy your weekend.

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