Tuesday, January 12, 2010

While I was contemplating cutting off my leg and hopefully growing a new, injury free one in the next few days, I realized I have been a little selfish. I have been focusing so much on my fitness and training that I may have neglected my team's training. For those of you new to the blog, I coach middle and high-school aged runners. Our ultimate goal each year is to complete the LA Marathon. Along the way we run numerous races from 5K's to 30K's. So my new goal while I am injured, as well as when I return from injury, is to keep my focus on my team. They are my pride and joy and I truly love running with them. If I am ever feeling like I don't want to train or feel like sleeping in on a Saturday, knowing that over 150 of these kids is busting their butts training for a marathon really keeps me motivated. They are little balls of energy that I really feed off of.

So today will be a 7 mile trail run for them. Yesterday we had a free run of 45 minutes. They get to choose any route they like, but they usually choose "Big Alpine" repeats. That is an almost half-mile hill with probably a 10-12% incline. Super tough hill, yet they do 3-6of them with a mile warm-up/mile cool-down. Shows you how tough some of these kids are. Damn inspiring!

As for me, still hurt. At least I got a mile swim in this morning. I will probably get in 2 weight workouts today, as we get out of school early.

Have a great day training!

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  1. Your athletes are lucky to have you. I'm sure you feel like you're the lucky one. What a healthy attitude. Thanks for sharing.