Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well after 100 laps in the pool this morning, my head is feeling better. But it still is not the same as running- nothing is to me. A long time ago I saw a girl wearing a Nike shirt that read "Running is breathing....did you breathe today?" To me, it feels like I haven't taken a breath in weeks, something is missing from life, and I don't have the motivation to do my other workouts well. Next Friday is my doctor appointment so hopefully it will only be 1-2 more weeks of this.

Yesterday, before practice, our team decided to start collecting old running shoes (or any shoe for that matter) and send them to A Snail's Pace in Pasadena. See, they are a part of Soles4Souls and they will get all those unused, old running shoe to the people of Haiti who will really need them soon. For everyne in the running, endurance community please help those in need and find your nearest Soles4Souls ( location.

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