Friday, January 29, 2010

Another doctor a different diagnosis. My primary care physician said it was a hip joint injury. So she gave me more medicine and a referral for physical therapy. I guess I can open my own pharmacy soon to supplement my income with all these drugs I keep getting. Always finding a positive from a negative.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to run. I will send the kids on their 8 mile hill run, then I will drive up to Verdugo Hill High School and run some laps on the track top test the hip. I plan on taking some "meds" before to see if that helps me get through a mile to 4. I really hope that I can get in a few, pain free mile. Boston is closer than I would like it at this point. I know I won't do well there on swimmming, stairmasters, and yoga. I did buy a aqua jogger to start running in the pool. I will try that out on Sunday.

I did have another adjustment yesterday from my chriropractor. My back feels great but it isn't helping the hip. I have 9 more sessions with her in the next 4 weeks. I hope all of this is behind me soon. I am getting grumpy from not running and I know my wife is suffering seing me like this.

Have a great weekend and enjoy you training days.

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