Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So far today was a better running day then anyone last week. I planned a 6 mile tempo for my running team, the amazing Mt Gleason Runners (, but I was worried cause of the groin and I was really sore from the 8 miles of hills from yesterday's workout. When I was done, groin hurt a little but not too bad and ran a respectable 40 min. Now I have 2 days rest before racing the Southren California Half Marathon in Irvine.

Later today I have a 60-lap swim scheduled and a back/core workout. I need to keep working out hard these next few days to knock a few pounds off left over from the holidays. Once school is back in session I will have limited time to workout so those extra pounds will be harder to drop. I HATE this stupid feeling, feeling fat! It is stupid, unrational feeling but I can't get it out of my head. All those years of being fat has really had a lasting impression on the mind, and the mind is a powerful weapon- good and bad.

Can I just tell everyone how cool Nike is? They do so much for my team which I will address later, but today they called and asked if I could get a bunch of runners togetherto go to a party for the BCS National Championship game. They are sending us 2 busses to get them all to LA to watch the game at the Conga Room at LA Live. How cool is that? Free food, a half-time concert and our own professional anouncer will be just a few perks! Love NIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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