Friday, January 1, 2010

Why Blog?

Happy New Year everyone.
I never thought about blogging but I guess I finally caved to peer pressure since everyone was telling me I should “tell my story”. So, through my blog you will learn about what I was, what I have become, and where I would like to go.
Past- I was fat!!!!!! I was seriously overweight all my young life until I discovered running at the age of 18. Then running took over my life and I have since become an endurance junky completing 30 marathons, including 5 Boston’s (going back for the 6th this year), became a health teacher to help kids try avoid becoming overweight, became a long-distance running coach to middle/high-school kids (this is truly what makes me wake up in the morning and enjoy my life), and have managed to keep off the 100 pounds I lost through my years of running.
What does the future hold? Who knows? But here are some of my plans for 2010 and beyond:
March 21st –complete the LA Marathon (new course, drove it yesterday and love it) and have all 162 of my young runners complete it too.
April 19th – complete my 6th Boston marathon (if recovered from LA I hope to run under 3:15)
April 23-24th – coach 2 teams of 12 high runners each through the Rangar Relay.

Other Goals:
Get on the cover of Runner’s World
Complete an Ironman Triathlon
Become a better coach
Inspire people to lose weight and enjoy running.

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