Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is the first time this year I have really been focused on my big goal of the year- the Boston Marathon. The entire time I was swimming my 70 laps while I am still resting from my hip/groin injury, I was consumed with thoughts of Boston.

I have been there before (5 times to be exact) so it is not like I am wondering what it will be like. Instead, I am already visualizing the course and feeling relaxed as I run the course in my head. Today, I thought about Hopkinton (it is the starting area), then random areas on the course. I thought about what I would do for breakfast everyday. And of course, I visualized running by all the insanity at Wellesley College (if you have been there you know what I am talking about- if you haven't, it is by far, hands down, the most amazing, loudest, 1/2 mile of any race anywhere!!!!!). To me this is a good sign. It makes me believe that once I come back from this nagging injury I will really be ready to train and remain focused.

Have a great day training

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  1. Hang in there bud. Unfortunately, nagging injuries and niggles here and there are all apart of this great sport of ours. Hope you're at or near 100% in time for Beantown!