Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today could hopefully be a turning point with my injury. I am going to see a chiropractor at 4:45 today. Man, I am hoping she can give my back an adjustment that will help relieve some of the sciatica I think I am experiencing. Even though she comes highly recommended by my buddy Chris Schauble, I have never been to a chiropractor and am a little nervous. Wish me luck.

Yesterday's "free run" for our team went well. The kids were free to choose which routes they wanted to run and most chose to do a hilly 5 miler, the others chose to hill repeats. Most people avoid hills like a disease, not these kids. They love them, or at least realize their benefits, just like their coach. Today is an optional run and most will likely take the day off. They seem sore from Saturday's 18 miles, Sunday's 3 miels and the hills yesterday. The crazy few will go do one of our lovely trails, roughly 7 miles. Man these kids make me want to run so bad.

Hope you enjoy your training today.

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