Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three days. That's how many days are left before I test my body on the hard streets of Sunland. I am so anxious, yet so nervous. I have successfully completed 7 miles on a track without too much discomfort. I need to stop babying myself and get out there and see where I stand when it come to hard surfaces. Plus, I really need to get out there and set the pace for my group of runners that wants to run a 3:40 at the LA Marathon. All 14 kids in that group, and the 2 adults, all start too quickly, then everyone else responds by trying to stay with them, which will blow up anyone's hopes for a 3:40. Saturday I will keep them all at an 8:30 pace for 11 miles (if body holds up).

Today is a 45 minute run on our grass field at school before therapy with Dr. Smith. I love going to therapy since I feel so much better leaving then when I first walked in.

The team's run today is a 5 miler on the streets with a good, steady 3/4 mile climb at the half-way point. Just the perfect distance for them in the middle of the week. Don't want them training too long/hard before they run 22 on Saturday.

Have a great day

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