Monday, February 22, 2010

I ran 18.6 miles yesterday! If you would have asked me how far I could run on February 21st a month ago I would have said a mile maybe. It wasn't easy and it wasn't pain free, but it was tolerable. It gives me confidence leading up to the LA Marathon where I only need to do another 1.5 miles to hit the 20 miles I will be running that day.

As far as the coach in me- I couldn't be happier! My entire team qualified, that is a first. Usually one or two miss it by a few minutes. And the faster runners showed how good we can be. We took first and second in the 12 and under age group and first for 13-14. That was our boys. Our girls took 2nd and 4th in the 13-14 and 2nd and 3rd in the 17-18 age groups. Man I love these kids.

Finally, yesterday was a pleasure to run with my buddy Chris Schauble. Usually we are at different paces but yesterday we stayed together the entire way. I just wish he would talk and not wear head phones!!!!!!!

If you get a chance look at all the great pictures that super, uber-photographer Rich Cruise took at the race

Have a great day

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