Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you have been following my blog the past few months then you know I have been injured. I have gone to multiple doctors and tried all kinds of treatments. You may also recall that I found a great doctor in Pasadena, Dr. Smith of Smith Chiropractor. He understands runners and works well with us. I highly recommended him in the past. Things changed yesterday. Now I HIGHLY, SUPER ENCOURAGE anyone to use them!!! See yesterday I had another round of therapy scheduled, however my wife is being laid off (anyone know or need a graphic designer???) so we need to cut back on all "extra" expenses. When I called to tell Robin, the receptionist/wife, she said "Oh my GOD! I am so sorry. Come in today and we won't charge you". Are you kidding me???????? What kind of place does such a thing? I was blown away. Like I said they are AWESOME! I recommend everyone to go out there, train hard and get hurt just so you could go see them.

Today, after a 5 miler yesterday I am feeling great. This injury is so weird. I plan on getting in a short 4 miler tomorrow and then rest for Sunday's 15 miles. Things are looking up.

Tomorrow I plan on following @bfrein idea and let people know more about me and who I am. I briefly did it on my second blog, but tomorrow I will go more into depth (time permitting).

Enjoy your day

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  1. I've ALWAYS believed in Chiropractics! I'm happy to hear that you are a believer now also! As a nurse, I believe that the key to health is in preventive practices, not reactive medicine! I have a great Chriropractor here where I live, and yours sounds like a keeper, too!