Monday, February 15, 2010

It is amazing what one day can do. My therapy was going great and I was making plans to start resuming training and running on the streets this past weekend. I was also starting to look at the big picture and see about getting in my longer runs so the Boston Marathon would be salvaged and I could possible get a respectable time. Then I had a horrible day. Wednesday night, after therapy, my leg and hip were hurting more than when the injury first happened. I thought it might have been the new area that we focused on with the ultra-sound and muscle stims, but when I went back to therapy the next day, Dr. Smith said that that should not have happened. Well, we continued with the treatment, went to Sports Chalet and bought a neoprene thigh wrap, and I went home. I woke up Friday a new man. I felt great. It was as if I had never been injured. I was now excited for Saturday's 11 miler.

Saturday, I woke up and went through my normal running routine. I ate breakfast and drove out to Sunland to meet the kids for our practice. The only difference was I wrapped my leg with the thigh wrap. I was supposed to pace our leading group at an 8:30 pace for the first 11 miles then I would drop out and and they would do the second half on their own. I was lucky to have my good friend Chris Schauble (@ChrisSchauble) join us because he will be pacing them along the Los Angeles Marathon for the first 6 miles so he needed to be familiar with us and the pace.

I was so "caught up" with getting a chance to run with my kids that I didn't even think about my leg until the first water stop at mile 5. It was fine so I kept going. I didn't feel anything until mile 10. Then it started to get a little tight. At mile 11 I was fine and deep down I wanted to continue but thought better of it. I went back to the finish and waited for the team.

My group was supposed to come in at 3-3:10. They all started trickling in at 3:05-3:08. Great day for them. A 3:40 marathon looks possible for them. I was so happy with them and my own performance, 11 miles, on the street with out pain. I was amped actually. To make the day even better, my entire team finished in under 5:30 for the entire 22 miles.

Yesterday, oh my GOD, I was so sore. It was if I ran a full 22 miles. My quads and calves ached from not being on the streets. I did a lot of stretching and sat in the hot tub after a 60 lap swim to loosen them up. I started feeling better later in the day. Today I tackle a 5 mile run on the track. I need to stay on soft surfaces while I get back into the regular swing of running. I am really looking forward to Sunday's 15 miler for me and my team's 18.6 mile (30K) qualifying run at Hansen Dam.

Have a great day

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