Friday, March 12, 2010

With only 9 days left and only one weekend standing between our team and the LA Marathon, I am super excited and extremely busy. I have to buy supplies for our support station which is on the corner of Orange and Sunset (right between miles 11 and 12). If you are in need of anything including medical supplies stop in. Just look for our red easy-ups and the red Mt Gleason Runners sign. So this weekend it will be training then shopping.

Our training is 8 miles on Saturday, that's my team's last distance run. I will try and do a 6-10 miler on Sunday depending on how my injured leg feels. I am really looking forward to this weekend as the weather is getting better which always makes me run better. The warmer it is the better I run.

Speaking of weather- looks like it will be 70 degrees and sunny for the marathon. Beautiful weather for a beautiful course. The view from mile 23-26 will be breath taking!

Have a great weekend

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