Friday, March 5, 2010

After waking up at 4:30 to get in a 5 miler and the working 2 jobs (teaching and waiting tables), I am a little sluggish today. So today will be a chest and core work out day without any cardio (although waiting tables again at night is like walking 5 or 6 miles). This should leave me feeling refreshed and eager to tackle our last double digit LA Marathon training run tomorrow. We have an 11 miler scheduled, rain or shine.

Am I the only one with tunnel vision? I get like this when I am getting close to a race. Ever since I knew that the LA Marathon (and thanks to an inside source I knew months before others) was going to be a new course with the "Stadium to Sea" idea, I have been really looking forward to it. I always have loved LA, have always looked forward to it, vowed to run it every year for the rest of my life, and it holds a special place in my heart since it was my first marathon which lead to my beautiful life. But this year, I have been so anxious for March 21st to get here and now that it is only 16 days away, I can't control myself. I am constantly think about pace, feel, the course (I have driven the entire thing, studied the course map, and enjoyed viewing from @chicrunner's blog), yo9u name it, I am thinking about it. I can't wait!!!!! I really hope everyone is as anxious as I am and we really make this a great event. See you all in 16 days!

Please read yesterday's blog about Students Run LA and how you can help these remarkable kids.

Enjoy the weekend of training and extra rest.

Oh and a huge shout out to my good friend Chris Schauble- he is turning 40, which means he is no longer in my age group for a few more years. haha

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