Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 days left until the official start of the LA Marathon. To me though, it all starts tomorrow. One of the rewards our kids get for signing up and running the LA Marathon is they get to miss school on Friday and go to the Expo (last year it sucked cause we had to go on Saturday so no one missed school). So that will take up most of tomorrow day. When we return to school we have to set-up our multi-purpose room for our annual pre-race carbo-load luncheon that is held on the Saturday before the race.

Saturday, I will get up early, drive out to school and get finalize the luncheon details. I have to set-up the buffet area, get the end of the year awards ready, get a speech ready, make sure the sound system is set up and working with a projector to show our end of the year video, all before 500 plus people arrive to eat lunch. Then it is a massive clean up. Hopefully I am home around 3 so I can start to unwind for Sunday.

Sunday morning is EARLY for me. I am up at 2:15 to shower and eat, pick up Chris Schauble, then head to school to get all 147 runners ready for the race. Our bus is leaving our school at 4:30 am so we can get to Dodger Stadium early and get ready for the huge SRLA picture.
Then it is actually race time.

After the race it will be a waiting game to see how the entire team does. Once everyone is done, we get top ride the bus back to school and put away all our supplies. When it is all said and "run", I should be home around 6-7 pm. No relaxing after-race sit-down lunch for me, no after race beer, no after race, shower and lay around the house on the couch day, it is all spent at the finish line and working. Oh well all part of being a coach. LOVE IT!!!

See everyone Sunday and GOOD LUCK to all who are running.

P.S. Don't forget today is the TGI Friday's/Students Run LA fundraiser, please go and support!
TGI Fridays benefit night for Mar 18 can be found here:

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  1. Craig, you're an awesome coach. I'm not physically there, but I can visualize you inspiring your kids. They're lucky to have you. When I watched "The Long Green Mile" the other day, I thought of you, and of my old Coach from back in the day, & how running had affected my life. You have such a positive impact on their lives! Best of luck to you and the kids this weekend. I look forward to a full race report next week!