Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ebb and Flow of Running

The ups and downs of running, that's what I am going through. Some weeks you feel great/the next like crap. Last week, I swear I though I would never run well again. Everything hurt, I couldn't get into that running "groove" no matter how fast or slow I ran. Everything was a struggle. This week, I feel great. Killed Saturday's run and then ran well Sunday and Monday.. Today is a rest day as part of my Boston Marathon taper. All that is left is Wednesday's 8-9 miler and a 4-5 miler Saturday. 2 runs left and then the big race. Wow it is really here.

I am so excited. I want it to come so bad. I go to sleep early every night so that the night will go by quicker which means Patriot's Day will be here quicker. My thoughts are consumed with the race, my game plan, my running outfit, my race morning routine, what to take, and visualizing the race (I remember most of it and try and see myself running effortlessly through each town).

Tomorrow or Thursday I will detail my race day game plan.

Enjoy your day

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