Friday, April 30, 2010

Starting to feel fat again!

Almost two weeks ago I ran the Boston Marathon, fighting through months of injuries to even get there let alone finish. I promised myself that I would take at least a month off of running after to allow my body to recover from all the injuries I have. Here it is,not even 2 weeks in, and I want to run this weekend so bad. I know I shouldn't but I am feeling so fat that I might cave in a run a few miles on Sunday.

I have been trying to get other forms of exercise in but it isn't the same. I have been using weights and doing circuit training to burn calories, but still not equal to running. I also made it back to the pool. I stopped swimming in January to focus more on running since my time is limited. I got in the pool twice and that is it. Hopefully I can get a swim in today, Saturday and Sunday. I was going to ride this weekend but I really do not enjoy riding.

One of the beautiful things about running is all you need is your shoes and a street or trail (there is a little more to it especially if you are a girl but you get the point). To swim I have to drive to s specific gym, to ride I need to lug all my crap to school, not as easy as running.

I hope to get in some swimming this weekend so I can avoid running at least one more week so I can rest my body longer, but if I do run, I hope my wife doesn't kill me.

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