Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last thoughts On Boston

Last night I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. My mind was on Boston and my prep leading up to it. I started doubting my training, yet I was thinking about a good time. Crazy how the mind works. My best ever Boston is 3:01. My worst is a 3:12. I probably won't get anywhere near either of those but I really would love to. But that would require a low 7 min/mile average and my training wasn't that great due to my injuries.

Noramally I would like to get in 3-4 long runs of over 18 miles, 2 of which wouldbe negative runs, meaning the second half of the run would be faster tha the first half so I could practice finishing strong. The only long runs I got in were a weak 15 miles, a decent 19 miles, and a great 21 miler.

Second I would like to have averaged at least 50-60 miles a week. I could only get in 30's at the most. This leads me to feel under-trained.

Finally, I would like to get in once a week mile repeats on a hilly trail. The injury would not even come close to allow me to run faster tempo type runs. The best I could do is get in weekly quality runs of close to race pace for 5-7 miles. Not ideal for me.

So going in I feel under trained and so I worry about my time. Hopefully all of this negativity will disipate before the start so I can enjoy my race and just be happy about being in Boston. Hell, this is my 6th and hopefully not my last, you can't always PR. I need to just have fun. Turn around thoughts!!!!

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