Friday, April 9, 2010

The Weekend Before The Boston Marathon

One week from today I will be sitting on a Jet Blue airplane heading towards Boston. So excited/nervous. This will be my last weekend of training, then it is a maintenance week next week. I am such a geek. I already started packing things for Boston. I am so excited to finally go back that the little things like starting to pack, getting my Heartbreak Hill play list ready, etc are keeping me sane.

Next week I will try and explain what Boston means to me and try and give you my perspective of the course/weekend. I will be busy getting ready for Boston, setting my classroom up for a substitute teacher while I am away, submitting my own classwork for my physics class so i don't fall too far behind while gone, and also trying to finalize/tie up any loose ends for the Ragnar Relay which is on the Friday of when I return. So I may not get around to it, but i will try.

Have a fantastic weekend. For anyone racing- GOOD LUCK!

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