Wednesday, April 7, 2010

OK I am back. For the 3 readers who enjoy my blog sorry, I was on a mental break while I tried to relax during Spring Break. Now I am back to blog about my upcoming Boston Marathon.

After feeling GREAT at the LA Marathon (and I mean GREAT I haven't felt that strong at a marathon in years) and how well I felt the next two days, I thought I could resume training lightly so I didn't lose too much fitness for Boston. That Wednesday after LA I jogged 30 minutes very easy on grass and stretched well after. I took Thursday off and ran 5 on Friday. I was feeling so good. Saturday, I woke up and it was really windy so I headed to a trail that is protected by a canyon. It wasn't windy there but the 6 miles of trails made me tired. Then to complicate matters I went out for a bachelor party that night and had a few drinks. All of this messed me up bad.

Since then I have been struggling to run well at any distance or pace. My hamstrings feel like there are locked up, my hip flexors feel weak, like they can't lift my legs, and to make matters worse, my old hip/groin injury has come back with vengeance. So I am not too happy with my running at this point (one semi-highlight was the 12 miles I managed to get in this past Sunday but that didn't even feel good).

So with 12 day until Boston, I am actually worried about my race. I am not worried about hitting a time goal, I am worried about even performing at a level acceptable for a Boston Qualifier. See, I feel that this is the "regular" person's championships and you should try and come with your "A" game. Pro's wouldn't go to the Olympics to just hope to finish, I shouldn't either. So I am under pressure from myself to perform.

I have a new round of therapy this week so maybe all of my worries will be alleviated with some massages and stretches.

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